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Business Finance

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Compaynet Business Finance works with equipment vendors to offer customized equipment financing solutions to their business customers. We identify opportunities in your various business departments and implement an omnichannel vendor financing solution through those respective channels.

As an equipment vendor, offering finance helps you remove objections based on budget, and gives your customers more buying power. The fact is that the easier you make things for your customers, the easier it will be to close sales. You are more likely to build long-term relationships with your customers based on full service that covers every facet of the sales arc, including support for the vital payment enablement stage.


Our B2B finance solutions make offering finance to you customers a simple process, and the benefits are immediate. With customized finance you can sell more whilst maintaining better margins, and securing repeat business.


Compaynet Business Finance offers packaged vendor financing solutions for all customer and industry categories, no matter what your customers’ requirements may be – whether you are dealing with SMEs, large corporations or even government bodies.

Get a Vendor Competitive Edge

As a vendor in a competitive marketplace, giving your company the ability to retain better control over every facet of the sale process will give you a clear strategic advantage. Accordingly, having your own supported vendor finance program will remove the uncertainty and risk of abandonment that can happen if you just disengage from the financing question and leave it to your customers to seek finance from third party sources not aligned to you and unknown to you. 

To avoid this risk, we can work with you to implement a tailored finance package that will fit and enhance your overall product offering. Our service follows through with assisting each of your customers with organizing their finance through to settlement. You get paid your full sale price within hours of your customer signing the finance contract. You have no credit risk and you do not bear any establishment or ongoing costs or fees for our services.

Overcome Price Objections

Sticker Shock and Price Objections are some of the hardest objections to overcome in the sales process. The best way to overcome a price objection is by eliminating it from the beginning. Many customers look at the total cost of something vs the immediate gain from that product. Most Equipment has a long useful life, and the real gains add up over time. By putting the purchase into a time perspective, the customer will have a more positive assessment about the value of acquiring the equipment now.


We cater for the unique needs of every business customer by packaging innovative point of sale vendor finance that fits your product profile, including equipment lease, long term rental, and other structured funding as part of your key sales enablement strategy.

Multiple Department Approach

In every company, sales enablement strategy is owned by both the marketing and sales divisions. 

We see it therefore as critical that your successful vendor finance strategy is designed to include both sales and marketing departments working together, under a structured program to deliver the finance solution and message with the right advantages, timing and content.

We can help you to convert more sales leads by using a multi-department approach:

  • We will help you develop your finance-specific marketing material. 

  • We will help you to enable your Sales Department to offer finance at the point of sale, using integrated tools to improve closing ratios and to upsell quantities and add-ons.   

  • We will help you to offer financing on your website. We offer to help design and develop your website Landing Page at no cost, customized for your products and customer categories. Once customers apply, we handle the entire financing process. We collect documentation and you are funded in full within 24 hours. We provide you with an online application that is Mobile friendly, allowing your customers to apply while in your office or remotely from their smartphones. 

Most prospects who visit your website are likely to also visit your competitors’ websites. If your products or services are presented with competitive financial options that fit their budget, you will increase your lead conversions markedly.

Bottom line, if you are not offering competitive finance, you are losing potential customers.

Finance is a massive draw card for customers, and so, we invite you to invest a little time with us in promoting and refining your offering. 

We have put together a list of actionable options that we can help you with to maximize customer engagement with your financed sales offerings.

If you would like to receive more information on these options, please contact us by email or phone and we will be pleased to respond in confidence, without cost or obligation.


✓ A Team That Helps You Close More Sales

We work with Equipment Distributors and Suppliers to implement effective programs to increase sales and return on Investment.

✓  Financial Sales and training

Financial Sales and training for your respective business units on how to effectively sell financing as part of the overall product sale. We illustrate how to best approach the potential client early in the sales process to determine budget availability and the best path to a funded sale.

✓  Interactive Marketing Collateral

Implement effective marketing strategies including Website Applications, Monthly Payment Calculators and Finance Promotions integrated into your website

✓  Innovative Program Development

The design of market specific financing programs aimed at addressing and resolving the individual needs and sales objections of your customers.

✓ Fast approvals

✓ Reliable settlements

✓ A professional approach when assisting your customers

✓ No set up fees


We have put together a list of actionable options that we can help you with to maximize customer engagement with your financed sales offerings.

If you would like to receive more information on these options or discuss the options, please contact us by email ( or UK phone (+44 2045770428), IT phone (+39 02 96700167) and we will be pleased to respond in confidence, without cost or obligation.

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