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Commercial Payment Solutions


Rethink how you provide trade credit.

Give instant, embedded B2B credit terms, all with 0% credit risk, while you get paid the full sale value immediately.

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That is how it should be!
Because you’re a business, not a bank!

Offer customers a dedicated one-click B2B embedded checkout, with 30 to 180 days terms, while you enjoy immediate full value payout and zero credit risk

Grow your business while preserving your capital, with flexible, automated B2B payment terms. Compaynet empowers you to give one-click payment options, automated instant trade credit decisions with full immediate funding across all channels – in store, online or through sales.

Sell more with speed, convenience, and choice. Offload debtors admin, funding and credit risk while providing self-serve and flexible trade credit terms.

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Why wait?

and business name. We accommodate credit sales starting from as little as £1,000 and up to £5 million or more. We pay you the full sale value overnight and, you have zero credit risk.

We can provide automated B2B trade credit to your customers instantly, with invoicing under your brand


Preserve your capital

You’re in control

Lower Accounts ReceivableExpenses and Increase Cash Flow

No need for you to wait for months on end for your trade debtors to settle invoices - bank all your trade credit sales overnight, every time! We can provide B2B trade credit to your customers instantly, with invoicing under your brand and business name.

Our technology streamlines onboarding and checkout processes giving your B2B buyers the ultimate in convenience and security across all buying channels.

Avoid time-consuming, day-to-day A/R tasks. We handle the underwriting, credit lines, onboarding, invoicing, and collections and, you get immediate payouts with 0% credit risk.

Lower accounts receivable expenses, remove credit risk and increase cash flow

The Compaynet payments platform simplifies B2B trade credit.

Use our facility to manage your trade credit program and streamline the entire payments process with your local and international customers.
Conserve your capital by getting paid immediately, every time, while providing more flexible trade terms to your B2B customers – all of this is with no credit risk to you.

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In a recent study, 82% of B2B buyers would switch vendors if another vendor offered invoicing at checkout with 30 days to 180 days terms. Build loyalty and improve the experience with your buyers. In under 30 seconds, buyers can setup their account and receive instant credit with no credit risk to you.
Compaynet’s platform also seamlessly integrates into an e-commerce platform to extend terms at checkout.

A better way to
provide trade credit
to your customers

Accept credit,preserve capital,and alleviate manual onboardingpain. Offload time-consuming data entry, processing creditapplications, underwriting and paper-based invoicing with anomni-channel, embedded digital solution that supports a consistent experience cross all channels.

Give your customers a purchasing experience without friction

Compaynet’s payment platform will facilitate your order-to-cash process with speed, convenience, and choice. We monetize your B2B trade credit sales with embedded one-click automated payment options, controlling net terms and instant credit decisions across all channels –including in-store, online or through sales.
Our solutions work seamlessly for B2B sales on e-commerce platforms as well as online market places. Better still, you do not need anything sophisticated; our system is also functional when hosted on basic web sites or on other basic electronic means.
We can support both your long-standing B2B relationships and new business customers.

Avoid High Credit  Card Fees

We remove purchasing blockers due to credit card limits, provide detailed purchase information for accounts teams and cost 30% less than credit cards. Credit cards cause frustration for B2B buyers, who prefer to purchase on payment terms.


Key Benefits

  1. You are guaranteed payment overnight for all buyers, without having to do the collections.

  2. You have zero credit risk in case of any customer default.

  3. Each of your buyers receives a secure credit line to use only at your business.

  4. B2B specific invoicing processes (e.g. connecting purchase orders) is automated and produced instantly at the point of sale.

  5. We provide you with your own secure online account dashboard to monitor and manage the credit limits that you arrange for your existing and new customers.

  6. You can promote your new instant trade credit facility and you can send digital invites to the customers you select to expand you approved trade credit customer portfolio.

Responding to complexity with simplicity and convenience.

Answering challenges in the B2B purchasing process can be surprisingly simple. Implementing B2B embedded payment technology solutions can dramatically reduce transaction friction, costs, and risk.

Given that our solution assumes the risk associated with extending credit, you the seller can offer flexible payment options to both existing and new customers, without having to worry about the higher risk that comes with new buyers.

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Learn more: simply email request to:

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Call us on:
+44 2045 770428

Compaynet Ltd

1st Floor, Sackville House, 143-149 Fenchurch Street, London, England, EC3M 6BN

Registered with The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales 
Company Number 10373566.  VAT No. 281 1710 25 Share Capital fully paid: £GBP714,650.00 (circa €811,778.00).

Compaynet Ltd (“Compaynet”) is a payment and processing digital gateway platform and a facilitator of non-regulated online finance products and services for registered businesses only, most typically limited companies. We do not hold ourselves out to be an adviser to any borrower or investor. The applicable terms and discretion to extend trade credit, finance products and facilities to applicant businesses remains with the participating principal underwriters, acquirers, and lenders.

Compaynet is also a direct Commercial Trade Finance lender for corporations in selected B2B business sectors, operating principally in mainland Europe. Compaynet is registered with card schemes, including Visa and MasterCard, under agency of the principal member authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the provision of payment services.

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